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Intensive reading therapy for
struggling traditional and ESL/ELL students
in grades K-HS
See for yourself! 
All students deserve access to proven resources
that honestly move the dial toward real, measurable success.
The Program

Sound Reading offers 5 level appropriate solutions designed to systematically teach the fundamentals of reading.


The easy-to-follow activities are delivered online, allowing students to work during class, in afterschool programs, or at home.


Our user-friendly interface ensures students will be successfully using the
program in no time. You will begin to see measurable results in 4-6 weeks.

The Research & Results

Sound Reading uses a blend of techniques from speech pathology, special education,

and education physiology.


We use a wide range of methods derived from speech therapy and cognitive learning theory, providing research-based instruction without scripted drills.


These methods make Sound
Reading very easy to implement in almost any classroom within any K-12 learning community.

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