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Your Students Deserve the Best

Avila is committed to quality. 

Each Featured Solution has been hand-picked, tested and reviewed

based on real-life classroom expectations.  


Our publishers spent years developing research-based,

interactive experiences designed to engage learners in a process

of self-discovery and academic growth.  

Their success has earned them recognition within the EdTech industry

and appreciation among thousands of satisfied users.


Contact us to obtain specific information about a solution

or arrange complimentary access.


We bring only the best online tools to your learning community.


Featured Solutions

MI Write

MI Write is a digital writing platform designed to help students in grades 3-12 develop effective writing skills and maximize teacher instruction.


This online writing tool gives educators and students unlimited access to custom writing prompts, electronic graphic organizers, automated scoring, instant feedback, portfolios, and interactive student tutorials.

MI Write helps teachers save valuable time and gives students immediate opportunities for growth.


Smart Science

Smart Science is a highly interactive experiential learning system built upon an adaptive/collaborative model that gives students the chance to experience science like never before.


With Smart Science, teachers support existing curriculum, units, lessons and just-in-time learning with targeted virtual labs. Lab topics range from elementary to high school AP course support.


Sound Reading

Sound Reading addresses the needs of individuals with Dyslexia and other special hurdles that cause reading difficulties in learners of all ages. The program focuses on developing auditory processing skills and other essential areas that are often missing in struggling readers. 

Sound Reading also targets ESL/ELL students who required actionable strategies to help them successfully

construct sounds, words and sentences in the English language that eventually lead to proficiency.



PrepScholar is an automated prep drilling solution that tailors specific instructional paths for each student. Accessible 24/7, this solution is filled with thousands of questions, videos, strategies, full practice tests, and progress tracking. 


Carefully designed by top-scoring tutors and instructors, PrepScholar is the perfect answer for busy students who need targeted skill building practice on their terms.


MI Write

Since we have started using MI Write my students have been more focused and deliberate in their writing – a great plus in my book! It’s affirming to see that the score MI Write gives closely aligns with the grade I would assign a student.

It’s nice to know that the program assesses without bias, which I often worry about as a human grader.  When MI Write's assessment matches mine, I feel justified in the grading. How I have ever taught writing without it?! 

Denise Beasley, Osseo-Fairchild High School

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